Sad Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend

Sad Messages

Sad Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend

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Sad Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend


My heart aches without
you by your side.


The emptiness I feel is unavoidable
knowing you’re not here.


Your absence has left an empty in
my life that feels impossible to fill.


Tears edging down my face
as I long for your touch.


Each day feels darker and feel bad
without your smile to brighten it.


My heart feels heavy with
the weight of missing you.


I wish I could turn back time
and hold you in my arms once more.


Loneliness consumes me as
you are the missing piece of my soul.


My love for you grows with every passing
moment even though you are far away to me.


Distance separates us physically
but our love remains strong and loveable.


Sad Messages For Him Her


No matter how long distance apart we are
you will always have a piece of my heart.


Your absence feels like a dagger to
my heart tart it with every beat.


I feel lost and incomplete
without you.


The tears I shed meditate
the depth of my love for you.


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My days are a constant reminder
of the void you’ve left behind with me.


Your absence has turned
my world gray, unhappy and dull.


I miss the sound of your laughter the touch of
your hand and the warmth of your clasp.


The distance between us feels unbearable
and I sadden for your unpresented.


It’s hard to find consolation in the knowledge
that you’re not here beside me.


My heart longs for the day when we can be
together again for it feels incomplete without you.


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