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Hot Love Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend

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Hot Love Messages For Girlfriend Boyfriend


I love absolutely
everything about you.
But the thing
The way you hug me
and give me unforgettable feelings.
I’m so madly in love with you.


I’m in love with every moment
I spend with you,
just love me like you do.


The more you
kiss me,
The more I wanna
kiss you.


I want to see what
magic you can perform
with your love and presence.


You never just simply
cross my mind.
It’s more like a constant
craving that
stirs without end.


Come closer my love.
until I no longer know
where I end and you begin.


All I want is
the taste that
Your lips give.


You make me feel warm and loved.
You are the blanket
that I want wrapped
around me all the time.
I just want to say
that I love you
and thanks for being
there for me all the time.


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I was wondering how soft
your lips will be on mine right now.
I’m practically addicted to you.
I can’t get enough.


Don’t pretend sweetheart.
I know you love it
when I touch you.
Your goosebumps don’t lie.


I can’t describe
how happy you make me feel.
only your love
give me that feeling.

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