Good Morning Messages For Enemy

Good Morning Messages

Good Morning Messages For Enemy

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Good Morning Messages For Enemy


It is better to have an enemy,
who honestly says they hate you
Than to have a friend
who’s putting you down secretly.
Good Morning Dear Enemy!


Let’s forgive each other
and make a fresh start.
Have a Nice Good Morning!


I’m not sure I can forget the past,
but I’m ready to focus on now and on the future.
Good Morning My Enemy!


Let’s forget the baggage of the past
and make a new beginning.
Have a Sweet Morning!


Hope your mornings are as bright,
As much as our enmity.
Good Morning!


Let us keep our egos aside
and enjoy this life without any enemy any more…
May your morning be as awesome as you are!


let us transform our hatred into love
for each other to bring some positivity.
Good Morning Dear Enemy!


Life is too short and you must not waste it
in making enemies,Let ‘s be friend.
Good Morning!


Let go of what’s holding you back
from living your best life.
Forget the past, and start a new life.


I know we are two completely different people,
but both are good people.
And I hope that both of us
remain like this forever.


You are my enemy, as I am yours,
but even enemies can show respect.
And I am glad that I have best enemy like you.


I know you are not much my friend,
but you are my enemy.
I hope today is filled
with lots of fun surprises for you.

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