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Here in this post, you will find amazing Funny Halloween Messages for your family and friends, Funny Halloween card messages, Short funny Halloween messages for him her.


Funny Halloween Messages | Funny Halloween Card Messages


Eat drink and be scary.
Happy amazing Halloween.


Witch better have my candy.
Happy scary Halloween.


Who needs a scrub brush
when you have more candy?
Happy wonderful Halloween.


Halloween is the one night a year
where people can scary dress up as their true selves
a creature that survives solely on sugar.


I’m so cute it’s scary.
Happy horror Halloween.


Forget love potions all
I need is Halloween candies.
Wish you a happy Halloween.


Why did the ghost go to the party?
Because it heard there would be boo-z.
Have a horrible Halloween.


If zombies chase us, I’m tripping you.
Happy scarier Halloween.


Trick or treat smell my feet give me
something sweet to eat or we will party in your house.


Why did the mummy become a detective?
Because he always kept wrapping up the cases.


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